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Why DIY Martial Arts Marketing Is Driving Students Away From Your Dojo

So this week in the newsletter we're finishing up the series on why dojo owners fail, and I've been talking about marketing mistakes. Monday I wrote about inconsistent marketing, yesterday I wrote about sending the wrong marketing message... And today I'm writing about unprofessional marketing. The DIY Dojo Owner When I started my first school, I had absolutely no extra … [Read More...]

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Martial Art School Owners: Are You Killing Your Dojo With Kindness?

Yesterday in the newsletter I wrote about faulty operational strategies that lead to cash flow issues, that in turn can greatly contribute to the failure of a … [Click Here to Read More...]

Why Having A Large Dojo Will Kill Your Martial Arts School

So lately in the newsletter, I've been talking about reasons why dojo owners fail... Earlier this week I wrote about attitude and ego, and how those two factors … [Click Here to Read More...]

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Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 41: Interview With Matt Page

In this episode of the Martial Arts Business Podcast, Mike interviews Matt Page, creator and star of the hit web series Enter The Dojo. And in the Tip of the Week, … [Click Here to Read More...]

Podcast Episode 40: Interview With Chris Perilli

"How to REALLY Market Your Dojo With Online Video!" As online video marketing becomes increasingly important for martial art schools, more and more school owners … [Click Here to Read More...]

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Hope Is Not A Martial Arts Marketing Plan

How To Get 40 New Student Inquiries A Month... Most martial art school owners and instructors suffer from what I call "lackofleaditis". They get just a few new student inquiries a week... ...and they think that's just the way things are. Let me tell you, … [Click Here to Read More...]

Podcast Episode 34: Filling In Gaps In Your Martial Arts Business Knowledge

In this podcast episode, Mike explains why having gaps in your martial arts business knowledge and systems can keep you from achieving your financial goals for your dojo. And, in the Tip of the Week, Mike provides tips on accelerating your learning in the … [Click Here to Read More...]

How Knowledge Gaps Threaten Your Martial Arts Business Success

A recent visit with my good friend Tom Whitaker reminded me that I've been helping people start and run successful martial art schools for quite some time now. He was the first person that I ever coached through the process of starting and growing a school, … [Click Here to Read More...]

Martial Arts Business Podcast Ep 33: Interview With Tom Whitaker

In this week's Martial Arts Business Podcast Mike interviews an old friend of his, Tom Whitaker from Collinsville, Illinois. Tom is a longtime martial artist and a former professional kickboxer, and he runs a very successful school in a town of just under … [Click Here to Read More...]

Podcast Episode 31: Are Cash Outs Good For Your School?

In this podcast episode, Mike Massie discusses the practice of cash outs, also known as paid in full memberships, in the context of whether or not they are a wise practice for martial art school owners to adopt. And, in the Tip of the Week, Mike shares some … [Click Here to Read More...]

Podcast Episode 32: Mike’s Epic Rant and How To Clone Yourself

Ever wish you could clone yourself in your dojo? I think everyone does at some point. In this week's podcast episode, I explain how to develop staff members who can do the things you do just as well, and sometimes even better, so you can have a life outside of … [Click Here to Read More...]

Martial Arts Business Podcast Ep 30 Reality Vs Fantasy In Running A Dojo

In this podcast, Mike discusses fantasy versus reality in running a martial art school. Is running a dojo all it's cracked up to be? Or is it harder than you might think? Many martial artists who haven't yet opened schools seem to think that they'll be able … [Click Here to Read More...]

Podcast Ep 29: Interview With Taimak Star Of The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon came out around the same time that I started doing martial arts. I was about 14 years old when TLD was released in theaters, and I pretty much wanted to be Bruce Leroy after seeing that movie. In fact, I think I even started wearing pieces of … [Click Here to Read More...]

Martial Arts Business Podcast Ep 28: How Not To Treat A Student With Previous Experience

If you've been training in the martial arts for a while, you know what it's like to change schools or styles, or to be a guest at a different school. Typically, if said school is affiliated with your home dojo, this isn't an issue - although there's always the … [Click Here to Read More...]

Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 27: Buyer Beware

In This Week's Podcast Episode... Should you ever take rank away from students? Web marketing made affordable... And, caveat emptor when it comes to taking MA biz advice... All this and more in this week's episode of The Martial Arts Business … [Click Here to Read More...]

Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 26: What Makes A McDojo?

This has to be one of the most controversial martial arts business topics, and it's been hotly debated on the video version of this podcast message. But the thing is, when you ask them most people don't have a clear definition of what makes a … [Click Here to Read More...]

Podcast Episode 25: Are You Spending Too Much Time With Your Students?

Are you spending too much time with your students? Before you answer that question, you'll want to listen to this podcast episode. Many years ago, I was heavily invested in helping my students compete in martial arts competitions at the regional, state, … [Click Here to Read More...]

Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 24: How To Stop Being Broke

Okay, let's face it - being broke sucks. I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and the scars to boot. I know being in business is hard, and that it doesn't always go the way we imagined it would when we first decided to open a martial art … [Click Here to Read More...]

Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 23: Interview With Joao Crus

In this week's podcast my guest is Mr. Joao Crus. I've known Joao since my early days of martial art school ownership, and know him to be a knowledgeable and accomplished instructor. Joao teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu out of two schools here in the Austin area, … [Click Here to Read More...]