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Martial arts students getting too much time

Are You Giving Your Martial Arts Students Too Much Of Your Time?

The Unintended Consequences Of Mixing Work And Play... Every year around this time, my wife and I think back to the many summer vacations we spent working, rather than spending time away from our clients and studio like any sane person would choose to do. Well, let me rephrase that... we were away from the studio, but we were still working, albeit at AAU taekwondo nationals, … [Read More...]

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signs of a mcdojo

Video: What Makes A Martial Art School A McDojo?

Video Transcript: (Transcript edited for length and clarity) (Begin video transcript) The subject of today’s video is "what makes a McDojo?" This is a touchy … [Click Here to Read More...]

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Martial arts selling

Why You Should Never Let A Student Haggle With You On Price

Recently I was hanging out with a former student who now runs a school. We were discussing how his studio was going, and I mentioned he must be doing pretty well. "Sort of," was his reply. At this, I cocked an eyebrow and said, "Go on..." "Well, we'd … [Click Here to Read More...]

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Martial Arts Marketing Trends To Watch In 2014, Part III

Or, The Most Important Martial Arts Business Article You'll Read All Year... In the first two installments of this three-part martial arts business article series, I made you aware of several online marketing trends of note for 2014. And if you haven't … [Click Here to Read More...]

Google plus for marketing

Martial Arts Marketing Trends To Watch In 2014, Part II

In part 1 of this article, I discussed the algorithm changes at Facebook and the emergence of Facebook as a valid paid advertising platform for local businesses. I also clued you in to the burgeoning popularity of micro-video sites, a trend that you may want … [Click Here to Read More...]

karate students

I Need To Grow My Dojo – Where Do I Start?

Robert (a new coaching client) recently emailed me to ask the following: Q: "I want to open in a commercial setting but don't have much funding. Where do I start?" A: When you're launching a business, your number one concern should be generating revenue … [Click Here to Read More...]

martial arts marketing trends

Martial Arts Marketing Trends To Watch In 2014, Part I

Martial arts marketing - and marketing in general - changes at the speed of technology these days. That's why savvy martial art school owners know that it pays to stay on top of trends in online marketing and technology. So, for this year's first few posts … [Click Here to Read More...]

New Year 2014

5 Crucial Martial Arts Business Success Planning Tips For The New Year

Tonight is New Year's Eve, and while most people are taking today as a holiday, it's actually a crucial work day for your martial arts business. Why? Opportunity, of course! You see, the idea of a "New Year" means people are in the mindset that tomorrow … [Click Here to Read More...]

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The Story Of How I Nearly Lost My Dojo To A Con Artist

The Trouble With Steve I met Steve in one of my kickboxing fitness classes. He was a middle-aged, balding, overweight ex-lineman who was determined to hang through an entire class. The first time he tried, I'm pretty sure he was close to stroking out. … [Click Here to Read More...]

Merry Christmas martial arts business style

Why Christmas Is A Great Opportunity To Sell Martial Arts Memberships

Every year, I hear the same thing from martial arts instructors and school owners: "It's Christmas, so no one is spending any money." (Um, have you seen the stores?) "Things are going to slow down after Thanksgiving, so I'm cutting back on my marketing." … [Click Here to Read More...]


It’s Not Too Late To Have Your Own Black Friday Sale

So, did you plan a Black Friday sale this year? If not, don't sweat it, there's still plenty of time to have your own Black Friday sale, and make some extra cash to help you through the holidays. Incidentally, I'm having my own Black Friday sale starting … [Click Here to Read More...]

An offer he can't refuse

Why I Still Price My Intros At $19.95

Twenty years ago, I started offering an introductory course at just $19.95 for a week of classes. Now, if I were to increase the cost of that intro course and translate it into today's dollars, I'd have to charge around $32.00, accounting for … [Click Here to Read More...]

Silly karate man

How To Be Taken Seriously As A Martial Art School Owner

I know, that's a pretty ambiguous title, and it covers a lot of ground in the business of running a martial art school. However, I've found that it's something a lot of my clients overlook, and it ends up being trouble for them in the long run. Being taken … [Click Here to Read More...]

Networking to grow your martial art school

How to Grow Your Martial Art School: 3 Ways Networking Will Help

In last week's post, I suggested a plan for getting out and meeting with influential business owners in your local area, in order to pick their brains on how they market their businesses. In today's post, I'm going to discuss three ways that networking can … [Click Here to Read More...]

martial art school marketing question

Do You Really Have A Marketing System For Your Martial Art School?

I have a question for you, but don't answer right away. That question is, "Do you really have a marketing system for your martial art school?" Now, before you answer, ask yourself these questions: Do you have a written marketing plan? Do you … [Click Here to Read More...]

martial arts video marketing

5 Ways to Use Video in Your Martial Arts Marketing

Why use video in marketing your martial art school? Let's go over a few reasons: Video is the most consumed content format online - it roughly makes up 60% of all internet traffic. 85% of the US Internet population regularly watches online … [Click Here to Read More...]