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martial arts business competition

How Much Does Your Martial Arts Business Competition Matter?

If You're Good At Marketing, Not Much At All In the business of running a martial art school, competition doesn't matter if you're good at marketing. I have clients who have competitors right across the street from them, or down the block, and many times these styles and schools are very similar in what they teach. Yet, my clients often thrive under these conditions. Think … [Read More...]

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martial arts business competition

How Much Does Your Martial Arts Business Competition Matter?

If You're Good At Marketing, Not Much At All In the business of running a martial art school, competition doesn't matter if you're good at marketing. I have clients … [Click Here to Read More...]

Hidden dangers of getting free labor

The Hidden Dangers Of Free Labor

One of the topics that comes up a lot when I'm coaching new school owners is the issue of staffing in the early stages of their martial art school's growth. Many … [Click Here to Read More...]

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martial arts and being thankful

Podcast Episode 11: The Martial Arts and Being Thankful

How Martial Arts Practice Helps Us Be More Thankful For All We Have For this week's podcast, Mike delivers a special Thanksgiving Day message regarding how martial … [Click Here to Read More...]

online reputation management for martial art schools

Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 10: Online Reputation Management

"If You Don't Think Honesty Is The Best Customer Service Policy, Your Days Are Numbered!" (You can read the original blog post this episode is based on … [Click Here to Read More...]

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martial art school lead follow-up

The Worst Martial Art School Marketing Mistake You Can Make

I've been calling around over the last few weeks looking for a place to train, because I'm coming back from some health challenges and looking to learn something new. And, like many of the prospects you'll get these days, I'm not using the phone because I … [Click Here to Read More...]

Martial arts students getting too much time

Are You Giving Your Martial Arts Students Too Much Of Your Time?

The Unintended Consequences Of Mixing Work And Play... Every year around this time, my wife and I think back to the many summer vacations we spent working, rather than spending time away from our clients and studio like any sane person would choose to do. … [Click Here to Read More...]

martial arts business consulting horror stories

My Top 4 Martial Arts Business Consulting Horror Stories

Over the years, I've collected several stories about the crazy things that martial arts business consultants have done. Some of these stories come from my own experiences, while others came from clients who had unpleasant interactions with other martial arts … [Click Here to Read More...]

signs of a mcdojo

Video: What Makes A Martial Art School A McDojo?

Video Transcript: (Transcript edited for length and clarity) (Begin video transcript) The subject of today’s video is "what makes a McDojo?" This is a touchy subject for a lot of people, both people that run martial arts school and people who don’t run … [Click Here to Read More...]


How Caveat Emptor Applies When Taking Martial Arts Business Advice

Or, Why I Don't Whore My Name Out True story... I was recently contacted with an interview request from someone who is writing a book on how to run a six-figure martial art school. Now, I'm not one to jump at every opportunity to whore my name out in an … [Click Here to Read More...]

How to NOT treat a new martial arts student

How NOT To Treat A New Martial Arts Student With Previous Experience

How To Not Treat A Student: Exhibit A Back when I first arrived in Austin, I was looking for a place to continue my own training, while also looking for a place to teach my own classes. I'd been training mostly in the Korean arts at the time, and wanted to … [Click Here to Read More...]

reality of running a martial art school

Fantasy vs Reality In Running A Martial Art School

I've coached a lot of people through the process of starting martial art schools. Some made it long-term, and some didn't - but the interesting thing is that I give the same advice to everyone. And, much of the advice I give involves doing what I call "the … [Click Here to Read More...]

martial arts marketing

Is Quick Cash Destroying Your Dojo?

You see it A LOT in our industry these days: "After I joined Master So-and-so's consulting program, we had our first $40,000 month ever!" Is it true? Sure it is, but guess what they're not telling you... The Fallacy of the $30,000 Jump In Revenue What … [Click Here to Read More...]

how to clone yourself in your dojo

How To Clone Yourself In Your Dojo

Ever wish there were two of you to run your dojo? Me too. I've often wished I could clone myself, so I could be on the floor, in the office, and out marketing, all at once. Obviously, you can't clone yourself - but you can hire and train qualified staff … [Click Here to Read More...]

The Top 3 Ways To Simplify Your Martial Arts Business

Tell me something - Do you ever feel like a rooster with it's feathers on fire, running 90-to-nothing trying to find the water trough? Do you ever wonder if things would ever get less hectic in your martial art school? Have you ever thought that maybe … [Click Here to Read More...]

The importance of being honest in the martial arts

The Importance Of Being Honest With Your Martial Arts Students

How important is it to be honest with your students? If you listen to some martial arts business consultants, you'd assume the answer would be, "Not much." I mean, it seems to follow logically that if Master So-and-so built a school of 350 students with … [Click Here to Read More...]

marketing rocks vs marketing sucks

The ‘Marketing Rocks’ vs. ‘Marketing Sucks’ Debate

If you're looking for information on how to market a martial art school, you're likely to come across two opposing views... On the one hand, you have the folks who say that the only way to market your school is with aggressive, over-the-top … [Click Here to Read More...]

MMA knockout

How To Lose The Fight Of Your Life

Engage in some suspension of disbelief with me for a moment... Let's just pretend that Dana White decides he's looking for some fresh and completely unknown talent for a new UFC reality show, and he's taking an open casting call for fighters of any background … [Click Here to Read More...]

Chuck Norris on luck

What Brand Marketing Means To Martial Art Schools

When we consider brand marketing, our thoughts immediately turn to large internationally recognized brands. And, if you've been following this blog, you know what I think about traditional brand marketing for martial art schools... Traditional brand … [Click Here to Read More...]