Martial Arts Business Podcast Episode 21: Interview With Alex Changho

martial arts business podcast interview with Alex ChanghoA few weeks back I connected with Alex Changho – Alex is a former martial art school owner turned business coach with some very interesting ideas on how school owners can grow their schools…

…without having to rely on the internet!

Now, Alex and I had a really interesting conversation, and I thought it’d be great idea to record a podcast interview in that sort of a loose, open-ended format. So, that’s what we did for this episode.

In this podcast, we discuss all sorts of things, including:

  • “Old-school networking” versus “New-school online marketing” (social media, SEO, website marketing, etc.) – WHICH IS BETTER?
  • How we marketed our schools back in the day when we had to actually get out from behind our desks and meet people in the community (*GASP!*) – and, how today’s business environment mirrors the challenges we faced two decades ago.
  • The art of shaking hands… and how that can impact the bottom line in your school.
  • When getting 2,000 people to walk through your doors via online marketing might not be such a good thing after all…
  • Marketing crack! (you’ll just have to listen to the podcast to understand…)
  • And finally, what school owners can do to implement the ideas we talked about in this interview…

And, in the Tip of the Week, I go a little deeper to provide you with a time-tested strategy for reaching out to influencers in your community in order to grow your school.

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Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Registration Page for the upcoming Krav level 1 seminar in Austin Feb 5th – 8th

Alex’s Facebook Page

Brian Carmody’s Martial Arts Blogging service

Podcast Excerpt:

Mike: “…so, the topic today is, how you can build up your martial art school’s enrollment, how you can build your enrollment, without having to rely so much on technology and web marketing. So, Alex, welcome to the show.”

Alex: “Thanks so much, Mike.”

Mike: “So if you would, for the sake of our listeners, kind of fill them in on your background… and where you’re coming from and what you do now.”

Alex: “Sure… well I started my school originally like I bet a lot of the listeners did. I worked for my instructor – I’d been with my instructor since I was ten, and I grew up with martial arts. In fact, the only other job I had was a stint working for a few semesters at a library at the local college…”




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